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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Photo Tip Tuesday: Create a Hazy Effect

I love a little haze in the right photo.  It gives the image a nice, dreamy feel to it.  There are a handful of ways to create a hazy effect in your photos.  One way is to shoot with the sun behind your subject and your lens angled toward the light.  Another is to use […]

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Photo Tip Tuesday: Easy Reflector

My poor husband is plagued by allergies.  Pollen, plants, and trees, they all make him sneeze! (Yes, I meant for that to rhyme.  Yes, I thought it was funny. No, you don’t have to think it’s funny too.) They were particularly troublesome when we lived in Texas, so his dear mamma sent us a special […]

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9 Month Photos

This is what it looks like when 9 month photos don’t go well: The debacle begins with a 9 month old who was content as can be 5 minutes prior to arriving at location of choice. Next, momtographer lovingly sits said 9 month old down in perfectly lit spot.   Without warning, 9 month old […]

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