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Practicing My New Year’s Goal

Happy New Year, everyone! One of my photography goals for the new year is to get comfortable shooting at a low f-stop.  Even though I’ve been shooting for years now, I still get intimidated by an f-stop lower than 2.8.  Part of that is because I have a tremor in my hand which makes stability […]

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Learn to Shoot in Manual Mode- Sneak Peak!

Does any of the following ring true? You have a DSLR camera, but you aren’t really sure how to maximize its use. You’ve always wanted to learn about photography but there are always diapers to change, dinners to cook, deadlines to meet, etc. You haven’t signed up for an in-person photography class because you don’t […]

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FAQs: How Many Pictures Should I Take?

A friend of mine recently asked me: How many “clicks” do you recommend in a shoot/moment? There are times when I have 500 photos from  a visit to the fair or something, and it can overwhelm me.  But i just start clicking and can’t stop! Taking hundreds of pictures in one afternoon can be extremely […]

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