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Suffer Shaming

I don’t really blog about moral issues, politics, or even my opinion, really.  But here’s the cool thing about writing my own blog- that can change whenever I want it to change. And today, that will change. There is a trend I see that is making my head hurt, my heart ache, and my stomach […]

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Just for Fun

Sometimes I take photography too seriously.  I want the perfect pose, with the perfect expression, and the perfect lighting.  While that is all fine and good, it can be, well, exhausting. So I set out to create a shoot that would leave me invigorated rather than exhausted. I headed out to the dollar store and […]

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Practicing My New Year’s Goal

Happy New Year, everyone! One of my photography goals for the new year is to get comfortable shooting at a low f-stop.  Even though I’ve been shooting for years now, I still get intimidated by an f-stop lower than 2.8.  Part of that is because I have a tremor in my hand which makes stability […]

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Family Photos Fail

Remember last week how I was all, “I’m going to do one themed photo shoot each week for the rest of the year!”? I even had all the themes planned out.  Oh, fool that I am! I should have just kept my big mouth shut because this past weekend my theme was going to be […]

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Post ALL the Things???

I haven’t posted in a while.  One day, about a month ago, I got super blog happy and was like, “post ALL the things!” But then I went to pull up my website and it big, fat wasn’t there.  I kept getting this annoying “Oops!” page that basically told me the page I wanted was […]

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