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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Women’s Portrait Photography from the Summer

I was feeling a little nostalgic this morning as I realized it’s the last day of August… how is that possible?!  Where did my summer go?  September-April was all about shooting, shooting, shooting for me, and the summer was more about slowing down and working on my branding and taking my business to a level […]

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I got this email from a client this weekend, and it made me so happy for this family! Hi Rachel, I’m not sure if you remember us or not, but you took our family photos way back in February.  At the time, we were foster parents and unable to post pictures of the kids online.  As […]

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An Evening in August

It’s 6:15 pm in August.  I have scoped the area, considered the lighting, and am now waiting nervously for the family.  We’ve had a hard time coordinating this shoot, thanks to the crazy schedules of summer, leaving the middle of August to be the only time that works for everyone’s schedule before the madness of […]

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Matt and Mindy are Married

“I broke up with my last boyfriend because he wanted to get married, and I just don’t think I’m ready for that.”  Mindy told Matt shortly after they began dating regularly.  She figured it was best to be upfront with this guy, even though she liked him so much already.  To Matt’s infinite credit, he […]

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The Most Beautiful Bride

Wahoo!!! New website complete!  Did you notice that now it is a blog+website in one- a “blogsite,” if you will?  I have high hopes for this new format to help rectify my little blogging inconsistency problem.  Fingers crossed! Anyway, on top of that, I also spent most of July in Utah for my little sister’s […]

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