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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Oh,Those Faces!

Confession- sometimes I sit down at the computer to edit a session, and I discover photos that I had no idea I captured! That is exactly what happened with this session.  I was mystified (and extremely pleased) to see all these fun little expressions that some how ended up on my camera.  I know I’ve already […]

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BU Baby

I’m way behind on this here blog.  I’m still trying to get use to the whole idea of having one.  It will probably take me a LONG time before my blog becomes the special sneak peek for my clients that I hope it will be one day.  Can we just embrace that and move on? […]

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Ugh. Facebook Scams- Gross!

This morning I opened my Facebook homepage, like I do every morning, hoping to find out which of my friends have gotten engaged, announced their pregnancy, or even publicly declared their love/hatred for X, Y, or Z sports team.  Instead I received an onslaught of links posted on friends’ statuses informing me that the shoe company, […]

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