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Welcome to the new phase of Rachel McHardy Photography:

“Listen to your heart.” “Follow your instincts.” “Go with your gut.” I’ve heard this advice for as long as I can remember, and as long as I can remember I’ve thought to myself, Yes! Absolutely! Will do!  Then one day something funny happened.  My heart/instincts/gut told me to stop focusing on photography sessions and start focusing on sharing my creative process.

At first, I tried to blow if off. (Must be indigestion… That sleep deprivation is really getting to me… Hahaha oh, brain, the hilarious things you come up with… etc.) But the thought did not blow away, as random thoughts are ought to do.  In fact, the thought dug in its heels, poured itself a glass of lemonade, and made itself at home in my brain.

So I did what I vowed to do.  I started to follow my heart/instincts/gut.  At first, the idea of becoming so transparent with my work scared me (it still is, a little, to be honest!).  Aren’t photographers just suppose to post pictures from their sessions- period, the end?  Maybe add a few other beautiful photos here and there, but keep the process hush, hush.  Would this be fatal to the boutique photography business I have worked so hard to create?

However, the more I began to work on this shift toward teaching, the more it started to really make sense.   Blogging, which use to feel like a chore, became exciting again as I started to think about it in terms of the creative process.  Furthermore, teaching and sharing what I know is just as much, if not more, of a passion than photography.  And, when it really came down to it, I realized I just want people to feel inspired to capture their lives, even if I’m not the one to take them.

I guess, in short, I’ve moved through the five stages of grief and am now not only in acceptance, but am actually in a stage of excitement, real excitement.  I can’t wait to see where listening to my heart/instincts/guts takes me, and I hope you’ll join me on this new journey and find some creative inspiration along the way!